Sunday, August 2, 2015

Chigger Poem

Oh why oh why do there have to be chiggers
for a reaction in me they sure do trigger
The many little red bites feel like Braille
And when they itch they make me want to wail!

If you like evolution, then you must love the chigger
For they would not be as bad if they happened to be bigger
But an invisible invertebrate has all the advantage
And leaves me with little else than to put on a bandage.

I guess I could prevent them by staying on the trail
Or if I took more time to scratch them with my nail
I could spray myself with nasty chemicals and deet
Or stay inside all together and beat the summer heat!

But that is not my style, I was born to explore
To see the nature and learn from it more
Plus if there were less chiggers there’d be more tourists
And it would be impossible to be a nature purist.

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