Thursday, February 11, 2016

Complete List of Public Natural Areas in Southern Illinois

This is a complete list of all 110 public natural areas in southern Illinois.  Compiled by Illinois Botanizer.


Atwood Ridge RNA/Ecological Area
Ava Zoological Area
Bald Knob Geological Area
Barker Bluff RNA/Ecological Area
Bear Creek Relict Site Botanical Area
Bell Smith Springs Ecological Area
Big Brushy Ridge Ecological Area
Big Creek Zoological Area/Candidate Wild & Scenic River
Brown's Zoological Area
Bulge Hole Ecological Area
Burke Branch RNA/Ecological Area
Cane Creek Botanical Area
Caney Branch Barrens Ecological Area
Cave Hill RNA/Ecological Area
Chimaphila Site Botanical Area
Clear Creek Swamp Botanical Area
Clear Springs Geological Area
Copperous Branch Limestone Barrens Ecological Area
Cretaceous Hills Ecological Area
Crow Knob Ecological Area
Dean Cemetery East Barrens Ecological Area
Dean Cemetery West Barrens Ecological Area
Dennison Hollow RNA/Ecological Area
Dog Barrens Ecological Area
Double Branch Hole Ecological Area
Dutch Creek Chert Woodland Ecological Area
East Fork Oxalis illinoensis Botanical Area
Fink Sandstone Barrens Ecological Area
Fountain Bluff Geological Area
Garden of the Gods Ecological Area
Gibbons Creek Ecological Area
Grantsburg Swamp Ecological Area (Bell Pond)
Greentree Reservoir Botanical Area (Oakwood Bottoms)
Gyp Williams Hollow Ecological Area
Hayes Creek/Fox Den Creek Ecological Area
Hutchison Zoological Area
Jackson Hole Ecological Area
Jackson Hollow Ecological Area
Kaskaskia Woods Ecological Area
Keeling Hill North Ecological Area
Keeling Hill South Ecological Area
Kickasola Cemetery Ecological Area
LaRue-Pine Hills/Otter Pond RNA/Ecological Area
Leisure City Barrens Ecological Area
Little Grand Canyon/Horseshoe Bluff Ecological Area
Lusk Creek Canyon Ecological Area
Lusk Creek North Ecological Area
Lusk Creek Zoological Area/Candidate Wild & Scenic River
Martha's Woods Ecological Area
Massac Tower Springs Ecological Area
Millstone Bluff Ecological Area/Historic Site
Odum Tract Ecological Area
Opossum Trot Trail Botanical Area
Ozark Hill Prairie RNA/Ecological Area
Panther Hollow RNA/Ecological Area
Pine Hills Annex Ecological Area
Pine Hollow Ecological Area
Pleasant Valley Barrens Ecological Area
Poco Cemetery East Ecological Area
Poco Cemetery North Ecological Area
Pounds Hollow Ecological Area
Provo Cemetery Barrens Ecological Area
Reddick Hollow Botanical Area
Reid's Chapel Ecological Area
Rich's Zoological Area
Robnett Barrens Ecological Area
Russell Cemetery Barrens Ecological Area
Saltpeter Relict Botanical Area
Sand Cave Ecological Area
Schwegman Ecological Area
Silvey Pond Botanical Area
Simpson Township Barrens Ecological Area
Snow Springs Ecological Area
Split Rock Hollow Ecological Area
Stoneface RNA/Ecological Area
Sulphur Springs Botanical Area
Teal Pond Botanical Area
Toothless Zoological Area
Whoopie Cat Mountain RNA/Ecological Area
Wolf Creek Botanical Area

Berryville Shale Glade Nature Preserve
Big Grand Pierre Site Nature Preserve
Brown Barrens Nature Preserve
Campbell Lake Nature Preserve
Cave Creek Barrens Nature Preserve
Cedar Bluff Nature Preserve
Chestnut Hills Nature Preserve
Collier Limestone Glade Nature Preserve
Cretaceous Hills Nature Preserve
Cypress Hill Nature Preserve
Cypress Pond Nature Preserve
Deer Pond Nature Preserve
Draper's Bluff Nature Preserve
Fern Rocks Nature Preserve
Fort Massac Nature Preserve
Gibbons Creek Barrens Land and Water Reserve
Guthrie Cave Nature Preserve
Horseshoe Lake and Forest Nature Preserve
Lake Murphysboro Hill Prairie Nature Preserve 
Little Black Slough - Heron Pond Nature Preserve
Lovets Pond Nature Preserve
Lower Cache River Swamp Nature Preserve
Lusk Creek Canyon Nature Preserve
McClure Shale Glade Nature Preserve
Mermet Swamp and Flatwoods Nature Preserve
Ozark Hills Nature Preserve
Piney Creek Ravine Nature Preserve
Round Bluff Nature Preserve
Sielbeck Forest Tract Nature Preserve
SW Kinkaid Route 3 Natural Area